The Aziz Foundation

In 2015, Asif created The Aziz Foundation, a family-based charity that aims to support the educational pursuits of the most disadvantaged communities in Britain.  Right now, the Foundation’s efforts are engaged in helping to narrow the postgraduate attainment gap by encouraging British Muslims to pursue higher education opportunities through its Masters scholarship programme.

Through further development and education, the programme helps equip scholars with the skills and social capital they require to achieve their full potential and inspire positive change within their communities.

The impact of this programme is clear, with the COVID-19 pandemic seeing to over thirty Aziz Foundation scholars being on the frontlines as keyworkers or in support roles such as counselling, community relief work and policy development.

To date, the Aziz Foundation has funded over 350 British Muslim changemakers, with 200 of these awards being allocated in the 2020-21 academic year

The latest news from the Aziz Foundation can be found here.

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Other Charity Interests

Asif has a number of charitable interests including supporting:

- The Mosaic Community Trust: promoting community cohesion and religious harmony by increasing mutual understanding, respect and trust amongst people of different faiths and beliefs.

- The Thokomala Project: looks after orphans from the AIDS epidemic in South Africa.

- Seeing is believing: a cause to help sight restorations as well as helping to prevent other causes of preventable blindness.

- Camfed: an international organisation dedicated to eradicating poverty in Africa through the education of girls and the empowerment of young women. 

- The Olive Tree: scholarship scheme aims to support outstanding young Palestinians and Israelis during their degree studies.

- The Next Step Diversity Mark: generating and supporting diversity at all levels.

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