The Private Residential Sector

The Private Residential Sector


Asif is known for his creative mind.  Continuously aware of the changing London landscape, Asif continues to innovate, looking for real estate opportunity that when added to the Criterion portfolio not only benefits its local area, but also, the London economy.

Acknowledging the struggle for many Londoners to invest in property of their own in and around the capital, in 2010, Asif began to explore the private residential sector and how he could help various local communities through developing private rented accommodation in areas of London that needed them the most at cheaper rents that tenants could afford. This allowed them not only to live comfortably, but also continue to save.

To achieve his objective, Asif adopted a ‘no frills’ approach to developing. Adding more property for development to the portfolio, Asif focused his efforts on creating flats that delivered the basics well. Building cleverly designed, modern flats that gave tenants the key home essentials that were important to them. Clean, safe and secure living spaces. 

With each property in place, Asif wanted want to create a brand that would sit encompass the portfolio.  Focusing on the key values of what the properties delivered to the target market, Asif created dstrkt.  Easy affordable renting.

Today, dstrkt umbrellas 1,367 flats and has a development pipeline of 2,627 new that will join the Criterion Capital family over the next four years.

Learn more about Asif Aziz on YouTube here. You can also visit the Asif Aziz profile here.


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